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Top Shopify Merchant - Well now you can!

We are a leading Shopify Merchant who can develop you a successful Shopify Website.

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What We Do and How Can We Help You?

We offer eCommerce solutions for all sizes of businesses and can help you with in depth knowledge and the skills needed to get your brand up and running online.

Shopify Setup and Development

Using Shopify, we build, set up and configure your business eCommerce website so you can start selling online.

Shopify Theme Design

We will help you attract and convert customers with innovative mobile eCommerce solutions.

Shopify Migration

We can help you seamlessly transfer all existing store data over to Shopify and can provide services that ensure the transfer of all your products, customer details, orders are kept and maintained.

Shopify Marketing

We provide Shopify eCommerce marketing solutions that will help you attract and convert new leads into repeat business. We link marketing efforts to Google, Facebook, Email and Instragram.

It is what goes on behind the scenes that is crucial to success
“As the current owner of a multi-million dollar Shopify Store, I am the partner you probably were not looking for but desperately need. “

Marc Duncan

Owner and CEO of Retail Wizard

Rise Above The Competition

Most Web designers and developers will tell you everything you want to hear, what they won’t tell is you is what you really need to know because they don’t run a successful Shopify Ecommerce business. We do!
We know what it takes and what you need to run a multi-million-dollar Shopify Business.
Don't take our word for it, See what our customer say about our work!

Exceeds expectations

"Using Retail wizard/ nursing angel/ Marc Duncan to create our website, was the best decision we took. Extremely knowledgeable, they understand your strategy and build accordingly.Great service, fast and accurate development and design of the structure, they often suggested options that improve greatly the whole website. For the first time, creating a website was made easy for us. In the end, our website is receiving constant compliments from other professionals and clients, like for example, Shopify agents who were thoroughly impressed by how well the website was structured."
Leith Tohme

Don't Delay
Do it Today!

Don’t waste thousands of dollars on un-proven products and processes. Getting to the point of optimal efficiency can cost you dearly.
Take the direct path with someone who has done it before. Remember, most web developers and designers have never run an eCommerce business.

Thousands of Apps and Add-ons
all promising to revolutionise your business

In reality, not many do, and in fact many can compromise the performance of your business. Store configuration is crucial and requires experience from experts who use the platform on a daily basis; like us.

Web Design Is Just One Aspect

If you do not address and integrate key operational drivers from day one you will be operating sub-optimally and your dream might be over before you even start.
Other key considerations that go just beyond integration; fraud, payment gateways, social channel integration and so much more. This can and should be managed all in one package.

There are literally thousands of different ways to configure your store. Shopify has become a jungle much like the App Store.

Do You Need A Custom Job?

Just tell us what you need and we’ll do it for you!

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